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(in Php)
KM 1007 SUNSET Convenience Outlet Model: KM 1007 Rating: 15A-125V Packaging: 20
KM 2022 KM Female Plug Base Model: KM 2022 Rating: 3A-250V Packaging: 25/200 P16.00
KM 2040 KM Heavy Outlet Model: KM 2040 Rating: 15A-125V Packaging: 10 P46.00
KM 2040-A KM Convenience Outlet Model: KM 2040-A Rating: 10A-250V Packaging: 25 P50.00
KM 2041 KM Single Square Outlet Model: KM 2041 Rating: 5A-250V Packaging: 20 P32.00
KM 2042 KM Flush Single Outlet Model: KM 2042 Rating: 10A-125V Packaging: 50 P27.00
KM 2043-3 KM Twist Lock Outlet Model: KM 2043-3 Rating: 10A-250V Packaging: 10 P140.00
KM 2043-B KM Flush Duplex Outlet - Brown Model: KM 2043-B Rating: 10A-125V Packaging: 50 P32.00
KM 2043-I KM Flush Duplex Outlet - Ivory Model: KM 2043-I Rating: 10A-125V Packaging: 50 P33.00
KM 2043-PB KM Flush Duplex Outlet with Vinyl Plate - Brown Model: KM 2043-PB Rating: 10A-125V Packaging: 20 P46.00
KM 2043-PI KM Flush Duplex Outlet with Vinyl Plate - Ivory Model: KM 2043-PI Rating: 10A-125V Packaging: 20 P47.00