About Us

Company Profile

Kopez Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately owned corporation based in Manila, Philippines, specializing in the manufacture of electrical wiring devices. Our history dates back to 1971, when we were established as a single proprietorship employing only 6 employees. Back then, our products were mainly basic devices tailored for residential purposes.

With our solid dedication to improve over time, we now carry a wide range of products catering not only to residential needs, but industrial and commercial as well.

Kopez Factory

At present, our operations are taking place in two plants. The first plant in Quezon City houses a 6,000 square meter factory and our main offices. Our second plant is located in Valenzuela, and houses a 7,700 square meter factory.

Through the years, our workforce has steadily grown to over 150 employees, all of whom are committed in bringing out the best for our customers.

Quality Policy

In order to support our quality statements, the senior management of Kopez has committed to implement and maintain a quality system which has been certified by the Bureau of Product Standards, and which follows the specifications of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standards. We believe that only through our commitment to quality will we be able to attain our goal of lowering costs and improving the quality of our products.

Machines inside the factory

These commitments have already been communicated to all our employees, and they must, therefore, adhere to our quality policies. To ensure that our employees fully understand these policies, the management shall regularly review the suitability and effectivity of our mission and objectives.


To produce quality electrical wiring devices at reasonable prices, and to provide customer satisfaction at all times.


In manufacturing our products, our objectives are:

  1. To produce high quality products
  2. To minimize defects
  3. To exhibit a total commitment to all our clients